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Why Marketing Evolution Is Failing In The C-Suite

Posted on 10/21/2014 by Franc Simari in Advertising eMarketing

Posted by Daniel Newman in Marketing

You can almost picture yourself in the room. It’s the time of year again where the marketing team has to put together a strategy, a plan and a budget for the next fiscal year.  After carefully considering the seismic shift that is happening across the digital web, the team has come back and said it is time to eradicate the marketing of old. Doing things differently is the only way. Our brand doesn’t need another year of stagnation pouring money into old media. Paid media has its place, but the time has come where people are building relationships with brands due to reasons greater than clever commercials and savvy product placement. Owned media, earned media and shared media have become “where it’s at.”

However, too often these days, the C-suite is not amused. Therefore they find holes in the “new way” as it is unproven, or lacks reach; but maybe it isn’t proof or reach at all that is to blame, but rather the lack of vision from the C-suite that is turning their back on the evolution of marketing?

Today, we have entered an economy where sharing is a de facto sign of endorsement and brand ambassadors are no longer just celebrities, but rather they are now Joe Average; the every day social media user that has a small yet defined audience of people who genuinely influence those in their circles.

This isn’t some kind of far off belief or ideology. It’s emphatically true. Study after study. From the Google Zero Moment of Truth to the analysts at Forrester and Nielsen, the trends are here and the buyer’s journey is changing, but this begs a question…What is your brand doing and more importantly is it evolving?


It’s The Way We’ve Always Done It…Because It Feels Good

Consultants rejoice because yes, these are some of the most dangerous words in business. But all too often the way we have always done it is comforting.

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