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Multiplying Your Customer Base with Group eMail Marketing

Posted on 8/13/2014 by Jessica Mousseau in Advertising Group Advertising

is a new eMail marketing program offered only by to broadcast your messages to a wider audience, it works much like a newspaper or magazine page where one sees advertisements from different sources.

Group email marketing or (GEM) can provide your customers and business with more options than they ever had before. This new concept can provide you with an excellent resource for sharing your marketing efforts with others in your community, area, or social group. This might include your town, a shopping mall that your business resides in or a group of professionals in a similar area of expertise that complement each other. The process allows your business to benefit with less expensive advertising and a wider audience to share your information with.


With group email marketing, each participant or business owner would provide their customer list or subscriber list. This would remain exclusively in the possession of your business and would be returned to you, including any new subscribers through the program efforts, should you decide to opt out at any point. Your customer list would be utilized with the many other lists of those within your group, area or community in one marketing program. Our system will ensure that your customers will not receive duplicates of our marketing materials if they are already on multiple lists.


While participating in group email marketing, your business will be advertising to your own customer list along with others in your participating group. This means instead of marketing to just your list you could reach thousands more potential customers reached with your marketing information. The potential for vast growth in your business with this tool is exceptional and you won’t have to worry about doing the work to get the results.


The fees for such a service are easy to justify and will be based on two things. The rate is simple with a base rate paid for the service and then a variable rate paid based on the number of subscribers that your business has. The more subscribers your business has, the lower the variable rate will be calculated. The process is simple and you can only benefit as the number of individuals that subscribe to your email marketing grows based on the advertising. Since the shared email marketing can be offered with an email format, mobile billboard format, web format and mobile app format, you are sure to reach many customers easily. The customers will appreciate the options and the transportability of the product.


Marketing your business is the only way to bring in new customers and clients. Doing so with the use of the tools available online is essential. Streamlining the process is simple with the help of shared email marketing that uses the technology available to make your customers’ lives easier. Reaching your local audience has never been more cost effective and fast as it is with shared email marketing. Multiplying your customer base numbers in your local area is easier done with this concept.

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