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Summer Advertising Tips and Strategies

Posted on 8/1/2014 by Franc Simari in NinetyPercentOff PerfectGives Advertising Billboard Group Advertising

Summer is a prime season for increasing your sales. More people get out of the home, people spend time outside, and there is a general sense of spending more with summer freedom. To get your part of the summer spending season, here are summer advertising tips you can use to direct customers to your store and even to your online website.

In Demand Summer Specific Product Advertising
Do you sell products that are related or connected to summer? Now is the best time to start summer marketing by advertising your stock of summer-related items.You can reach thousands of prospects using Mobile Billboard advertising services. Get a jump start on your competition by promotion your summer specific merchandise before the start of summer. Summer-related products are always in demand while the weather remains warm. Be sure your customers know about yours.

Sidewalk Sales
The summer is the season for getting outside. Whether you're in a tourist town or a local neighborhood business, people will be walking outside and passing by your store. Be sure to entice them with your products by having summer marketing sidewalk sales. Weekends are best in neighborhoods, and in towns with heavy tourist traffic, any day of the week is a hot day to offer sizzling deals. Bring some of your items outside your store. Be sure to create eye-catching signs that will attract attention and get passers-by to stop and browse your inventory. Getting a part of your store outside is a great way to help generate more summer business.

Summer Promotional Giveaways
Use Mobile Billboard advertising to introduce your business to other marketplaces. Jumpstart your sales of non seasonal as well as seasonal products and services by offering specials, discount vouchers, gift certificates, coupons and any other incentives that people love to come for in the summer. This is a great summer marketing idea to encourage sales of slow moving merchandise as well as summer specific in demand merchandise. You can also combine products for creative merchandising. Do you sell books? Bring out your book titles related to summer or travel. Promote children's books with summer stories. You might combine a bottle of sunscreen with a beach towel for a reduced price. Find creative ways you can sell more products or services through merchandising combinations.

Take Advantage of Holidays and Special Occasions
Summer holidays are a great time to increase your sales. You have a wide spectrum of holidays to get your summer promotion strategy started. Independence Day Sale can be promoted a month in advance. Use Labor Day as a way to encourage last-minute summer travel and spending before school starts and fall arrives.

Reach thousands of prospects in and out of your marketplace using Mobile Billboard advertising combined with* for discount vouchers and coupons and* for Gift Certificates and special gifts, and JUMPSTART your Summer Advertising.


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