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Will Work for Food

Posted on 9/28/2014 by Franc Simari in Will Work for Food

An amazing story I copied directly off Craigslist Resumes. It is also amazing that hundreds of people are just looking for jobs. Some show qualifications, some show none.

On a rather cool morning this past month, I arrived at the RMV so that I could renew my license. Despite being an hour early, I was number ten in line and I patiently and happily stood among a random slice of life that I wouldn't have otherwise had the pleasure observing. And, as is my tendency, I began to talk with those near me.

The young man directly in front of me was there to register a new car - at least new to him. He had been saving up for quite some time. And was rightfully quite proud that he had been able to finally buy a car while working at a restaurant for what I am sure was not a lot of money. I felt happy for him and his well-deserved pride. I am always pleased when good things happen to good people.

Ahead of him in line were two young ladies. I don't know why they were there but I do know that they were skipping school and liked to chatter away. And it is the statement of one of these girls that has had me brewing for a couple of weeks now. I have absolutely no memory of how the conversation came up but one of the girls exclaimed "I don't know why homeless people don't just get un-homeless."

I spent the next several minutes reminding her that every stitch of clothing she was wearing and the iced coffee that she was sipping had been provided for her by her mommy and daddy. And, I asked plainly "Just how does one get un-homeless?" She, of course, stammered.

Little did I know that the universe was preparing me for what has happened over the last two weeks.

Soon after, I learned that a friend of mine is on the brink of homelessness. It turns out that he is being treated for mental illness and he has been all but out of work for the last couple of years. But, if you met him, you would never be able to guess this. He has a degree from Babson, is professional, dedicated, and well spoken. To top it off, he spends a significant amount of his time performing community service for a local chapter of an international community service organization!

It still astonishes me that his reaction to his own life falling apart has been to give more of himself to others. And, you might rightfully ask why they don't just help him. Partially because he hasn't been completely honest with them - not wanting the impact an area of his life which is going well. And, partially I think that it is just human nature. Admitting that one of your own needs help is like looking in a mirror and wondering if you might need help yourself some day. The reality is that we are all just a moment away from distruction. It feels much better to help "others".

Knowing him as I do, I can attest to the fact that his current situation is a direct cause of his huge heart and his willingness to see the best in everyone. He has been a landlord but lost his home because he can't bear to remove a tenant when they can't pay their rent because they might not have anywhere to go. He has on multiple occasions gotten involved in entrepreneurships - pouring his soul into an enterprise in which he had no vested interest for little-to-no money in the belief that if he just worked harder, he would be taken care of eventually. And after several rounds of this, his spirit has been beaten down -- as anyone's would. As I know mine would. In fact, the fact that he has survived this long is a testament to his stamina, not his failure. I am quite sure that I would have failed long before.

So, I come back to the question that I asked to the girl at the RMV. How does one 'get' un-homeless? and the title of this post.

There are two very common quotes that come to mind when I think of someone who is down on their luck: "Brother, can you spare a dime." and "Will work for food." The first is a hand-out and the second is a hand-up.

How does one break through a position of despair with a rocky work history and a broken spirit?

With a little help. But not with a hand-out. (Frankly, my friend wouldn't take one.) What's needed is a hand-up. I am not in a position to offer a hand-up. Are you?

Driven hardworking professional with experience in call center operations management, technology, real-estate, and sales seeks an opportunity to excel. Excellent computer and communication skills. Very open to ideas about potential opportunities but the ideal position would be based in the Metrowest, offer benefits, and appropriate salary.

Initially some flexibility in hours would be required to complete current community service commitments and self-care.


No phone number or email available, if you can help look up Craigslist

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