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Multiplying Your Customer Base with Group eMail Marketing

Posted on 8/13/2014 by Jessica Mousseau in Advertising Group Advertising

is a new eMail marketing program offered only by to broadcast your messages to a wider audience, it works much like a newspaper or magazine page where one sees advertisements from different sources.

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Summer Advertising Tips and Strategies

Posted on 8/1/2014 by Franc Simari in NinetyPercentOff PerfectGives Advertising Billboard Group Advertising

Summer is a prime season for increasing your sales. More people get out of the home, people spend time outside, and there is a general sense of spending more with summer freedom. To get your part of the summer spending season, here are summer advertising tips you can use to direct customers to your store and even to your online website.

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Mobile Billboards Compelling Facts and Statistics

Posted on 7/17/2014 by Franc Simari in Mobile Ads Statistics Billboard Group Advertising

A recent research study shows: Mobile billboards are twice as effective in driving sales vs. static billboards 94% of respondents recalled mobile billboards with an amazing 80% recall of specific ads. Mobile Billboards resulted in an increase of sales of 107% versus a 54% increase for static billboards. – SOURCE: Product Acceptance and Research, Inc. The advertising effect of being on the side of a Tri-Action sign is 4.3 times better than traditional advertising. – SOURCE: Capital Communication Group A study conducted by the Transportation Advertising Council found...

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Rolling Lightning Advantages

Posted on 7/17/2014 by Franc Simari in Advertising NinetyPercentOff PerfectGives Mobile Ads Billboard Group Advertising

Rolling Lightning can’t be turned off, turned over, thrown out or ignored! Rolling Lightning work continually day and night! Rolling Lightning have a high reach and frequency! Rolling Lightning eliminate wasted circulation by concentrating the advertising message in your market area! Rolling Lightning are BOLD, COLORFUL and BEAUTIFUL! Rolling Lightning create and maintain a highly visible company image! Rolling Lightning quickly build brand awareness! Rolling Lightning provide your company’s presence in your competitor’s market area! Rolling Lightning are extremely flexible and versatile! Traffic...

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