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One Application - All Platforms

What Sticking-with-it does?

An extremely simple and multipurpose app connecting people to people, to their groups, to their community, to what they care most for and through all platforms: Smartphones, Tablets, Apple and Windows Desktops.

An app that bring consumers, businesses, organizations and even competitors together. An app that will keep users informed on what, when and how they desire to stay informed about.

100% control 100% of the time. App users will decide what's important to them, there is no wait period for opting out, no email, just simple notifications to follow-through as they desire. The subject says it all and never with more than a few words. Nothing is ever stored in the user's devices. Everything is always a touch or click away to the rest of the story. 

Stay Informed

  • Real-Time Emergencies
  • for Communities
  • for Groups
  • Private App

The Stay Informed App can also be used as a reverse 911 communicator. Broadcast "No School Today", tell the entire town about the fair, Water Bans and much more.

Because less than 30% of land line phone get answered, standard reverse 911 can only reach than many. While the Stay Informed Multipurpose app can reach over 100% of the residents. Over 100%? how? Because Stay Informed reaches them by Smartphone, Internet Connected Tablets, Apples and Windows Desktop Machines and so it is possible that the same person opens more than one notification.

The Community edition only send full community summaries of events no more than once a week.

Perfect for a strip mall, downtown shops and restaurants.

Share each other contacts. Example: there are 20 businesses in your group, each business may have 500-1,000 contacts or opted in email subscribers with a combined total of 15,000 customers and let's say they all your existing subscribers upload and install the app. 

Concerned of competition? don't me, the Stay Informed app never introduced more competition then you are already exposed in your location. Only the businesses in your group will be featured.  

On a weekly basis each of your businesses will create reasons why these customers should keep coming back.

With your Stay Informed app your message will be instantaneously broadcast to all your customers, always giving them more than one reason why they should be coming back to your business/location.

Perfect for any company or establishment demanding 100% control over their own subscriber.

A private app comes with a branded user interface and a website with easy tools to Microsite 2 modules for your website,

  1. where you can plan, schedule and post your notifications, and
  2. where a simpler MS Word like editor allows you to create and post your specific messages to your users.

Send messages, deals, announcements, coupons, as often and as appropriate as you wish. However, always show respect to your users as they have 100% authority over the app.

The Stay Informed App Benefits: while eMail marketing really works, Stay Informed works even better. On the average only 10% of your customer/user base may optin to receive eMail notification, you can expect your audience not only increase by 200-500%, they'll also take you with them everywhere they go and as well as home on their desktop machines. 

Contact us now for details.

Pre Announcement

Within the next few weeks, will be announcing a new hybrid application for mobile and desktop devices. "StayInformed"

"StayInformed" is unique, as a users you only install it once and select content, news and information you alone are interested in. No advertising. Sources and information may include community alerts, school closings, roads to avoid, specials from your favorite places, anything that is related to your space locations and you have preselected. As a StayInformed user you will always have 100% authority over the app, select exactly what you want, where you want it, when you want it and from who you want information to come from. 

Most importantly, once you installed your app and made your selections StayInformed is maintenance free, the only thing left to do is from time to time fine tune your selections.

For businesses StayInformed is designed to keep customers up to date and introduce new prospects.

For communities StayInformed will reach more people, with 21st Century speed and accuracy, exactly the way people wish to communicate. 

Best of all "StayInformed" is truly GREEN it saves on natural resources and saves everyone their own most precious resource, something no one can ever get back "TIME"

Please contact us for additional information or for a private Marketing without Advertising consultation.