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Over the ages, businesses have resolved to coupons to attract new customers, sales to reduce their seasonal inventory, created larger and more significant events by commingling activities with neighboring businesses, there is little businesses won't do to get consumers through that door.

With the popularity of the Internet and the increased use of Mobile devices, most consumers are moving faster away from paper ads, newspapers, magazines, telephone books, even random web ads and for several reasons. These ads are disorganized, momentary, time consuming, require dedicated attention and so on.

These are probably a few of the reasons why Groupon and LivingSocial took off so quickly. These days Groupon and LivingSocial are winding down but not because of luck of consumers but more for luck customers "the deals givers". What Groupon, all the deal pushers and the economy created absolutely no loyalty, just deal seekers.

So why are Groupon, LivingSocial, GuiltCity and the like no longer as popular as they were with interesting businesses? The answer is simple, results for most businesses were not as great as they were made out to be. In fact, many businesses had to shut their doors.

With the 50% off websites winding down, consumers in general will welcome another discount website. How can one beat 50% Off? How about NinetyPercentOff with a smarter twist. is designed to attract consumers because they like to save money, so a website named will appeal to most consumers including the deal seekers. But there is a difference, here consumers receive a merchant's generous discount, just enough so it is a good deal for them and for merchants to WOW their new customers enough to get them to come back.

But NinetyPercentOff? NinetyPercentOff What?  Let's say a dinner for two is $160

  Dinner Value
Voucher Value
Customer Pays
Customer Saves
Money Back from Plan
Actual Discount Cost
Cash In Drawer
50% Plan
 $160  $80  $40  $40  $20  $60  $100
90% Plan
 $160  $40  $4  $36  $0  $40  $120

The customer pays $4 to buy a $40 discount voucher and that is 90% the face value of the intended discount. If this is your deal you redeemed your business would gross an extra 12.5%. 

As a merchant on you have more options.

  • Paid Voucher minimum value is $25
  • Free Coupons maximum value is $20, distribute 100 Coupons Free to Consumers for just $100
    • Free Coupons valued from $20 to $50, distribute 100 Coupons Free to Consumers for just $250
    • Free Coupons valued from $50 to $500, distribute 50 Coupons Free to Consumers for just $250
    • Free Coupons valued from $500 and up, distribute 50 Coupons Free to Consumers for just $350
      • Create your own rules example: 1 or more per consumer. 1 or more per day.
    • Start your own voucher or coupon distribution starting from as low as $39/mo
      • Revenue generated from your sales will be paid directly to you.
      • Distribute as many coupons as you wish at no additional cost.
      • Offer free vouchers as well. It's your store, you make the rules.


    For more details, please call 978-494-4201 or click here to get started now.


    Deep Discount Warning. Don’t underestimate the value of your service; deep discounts not always attract desirable customers. The economy is not as great as it is made out to be. Some use discounts to try your service but many live on discounted services. Be generous, but don’t give away the shop. You’ll never get it back!

    While may make a discount appear bigger to the customer, your actual cost will be much less or none at all.