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Advertising & eMarketing

The Art of eMarketing continues

Announcing "Web Assisted, Close Proximity Billboard Systems" (CPBillboards), a 21st Century marketing and advertising innovation. No longer a distraction to be seen and forgotten but a pleasant distraction to raise interest and follow.

The CPBillboard is HookedOnLocal the low-tech version of the mobile advertising system. Categorized under affordable mobile advertising and temporary signage, this medium is comprised of ads that are placed on trailers that are driven around events and streets or even parked right on by your storefront or parking lot. As a result, Close Proximity Billboard Advertising will reach your target audience in your specific target location. In addition our trailers are small but highly customizable, please ask your rep for specifics. As a result our CPBillboard System  will cut through the clutter and is especially effective in areas where advertising space is limited or nonexistent.

While billboard advertisements and displays are generally used in connection with other passive media based on impact and distraction such as bus stop advertising, Radio, TV, newspapers and web; the CPBillboards System is active and smart, it knows and learns how people behave, it knows what they want and is ready for them. As a result, unlike all other forms of advertising HookedOnLocal Low-Tech to High-Tech CPBillboard Systems advertise your business even when you are not advertising.

  • Created primarily to serve in smaller cities and towns.
  • Advertisers can specify the routes for the CPBillboards to follow on any given day.
  • Results driven and affordable even for small businesses.
    • In fact, it can make you appear as large as Sears.
  • Group Up:  Main Street Businesses, Community Shopping Centers, Business Groups, brings people to your community.
  • Why do we use Trailers? Because they are smaller, expandable, more flexible and less expensive than trucks, translating in savings you pay less while you get more. 
  • Runs by the rules of a vehicle. It is registered with the Motor Vehicle Department, approved by the Department of Transportation, and it can be parked at a parking meter or pulled by virtually any powered vehicle.

Learn why and how the CPBillboards Low Tech to High Tech System will work for you better than anything you have experienced.