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Microsite Case Study

Job Specs for Microsite

Professional services firm seeking specialized marketing microsite.

The microsite will be designed as a themed interactive portal to pique the interest of target contacts.

  • Tier 1 target contacts will be driven to the Microsite via direct mail,
  • Tier 2 contacts via email and social media marketing channels.

The basic structure of the Microsite is as follows:

  • Target contact receives an invitation to visit the Microsite URL. This could be via a direct mail piece, an email, or on social media.
  • The landing page of the Microsite presents the user with several choices that they can make/click on according to the theme. For example, if we had a "hotel" theme we could run a promotion where we send the contact a hotel room key via direct mail with a note inside the package to visit the URL to learn more about why we have sent them the key. The landing page for such a site would include something like a hotel room layout with different options, such as ordering dinner in the hotel restaurant, enjoying the Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, taking a dip in the hotel pool, or taking a nap on a very comfortable bed.
  • Each option on the landing page would link to a separate page with more information. For example if the user clicked on "ordering dinner" they would be taken to a page with articles, infographics, and videos related to ordering dinner
  • Once the user is done interacting with one topic from the landing page, they can interact with up to two more areas. After which they are brought to a "call to action" page where they can complete a form to receive more information about our company and offerings. Marketing stimulus/item

Microsite landing page - User interaction with up to 3 pages - Call to action page

Key technical features of the project:

Comprehensive metrics and analytics are required for all users entering the Microsite:

  • Individual user IDs must be captured at the entry point to the site
  • Individual user journeys must be captured through the site
  • Specific events must be tracked by user, e.g. clicks, video plays, email links
  • Standard tracking must be available, e.g. average time on site
  • Completion rates for forms must be available for all users.