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  Three websites in One

  • 81% of people prefer mobile for convenience and speed
  • 45% of mobile searches are ‘goal-oriented’
  • 17% of people make a purchase after a mobile search
  • 12% use mobile because they lack a computer
  • 77% of mobile searches occur at home or work

 Source: Google and Nielsen published research  “mobile search statistics”

A Smart Website Puts You In the game and Keeps You In!

MobileFirst - user-centered design, user interaction, corporate identity, branding, marketing, design thinking, innovation, strategy, conceptualization and consulting.

App Assisted - because you don't always the time or the experience to get in front a computer, login and edit your website for just a special. 

Tightly connected with effective local advertising programs prioritizing on new customer acquisition and on customer retention.

With Your Website

You also have FREE access to your Community Online, a cooperative where you can list your products and services, sell or advertise them.

  • sell gifts and gift certificates
  • for discount vouchers and coupons
  • for full online shopping experience.
  • for Group Marketing 
  • Shared Blogs for instant readership
  • Contests & Reviews


Smart, Budget Sensitive, Mobile and Desktop versions, we can build it for you or you can build it yourself.

HookedOnLocal will build your 4-5 page website for you for $400 or we can authorize you to build it yourself for $0. Hosting? less than $10/mo.

  • pick a template
  • have content ready
  • fill in the blanks and you are done
  • manage it yourself or have us do it for you
  • we'll handle the Search Engine Optimization at no additional charge.


Smarter and Interactive, Budget Sensitive, Mobile and Desktop versions and turn it over to you for editing updating.

HookedOnLocal will build your 4-6 page website for you for just $800. For look and feel this website uses elastic skins and it adapts to any device, regularly upgraded to stay current  to the latest technology. Hosting is $29/mo and includes the following:

  • App assisted for edits, uploads, connects your site to social media
  • skin selection and light customization
  • have content ready
  • we'll post content and images
  • setup forms, roles and users
  • handle standard Search Engine Optimization
  • Free Mobile Apps for uploads and social interactions, use them to upload photos and specials in seconds
  • inclusive email marketing for up to 700 registered users
  • much more...


Your have experienced the web, you know it works for you. Now is the time to give your customers what they want.

The Smartest website is designed and built exclusively to fit your business, meet your and your customers expectations, and most importantly deliver results.

We have apps and module for every imaginable functionality required for your web presence, we also have the skills and the experience to build any functionality you may require. Modules and apps are simply used to enrich your user's experience and get them coming back and attract new ones.

HookedOnLocal Standard Websites

Mobile First -  Never have local brick and mortar businesses benefited more from the web since the Mobile revolution. With most searches initiating from mobile devices it is imperative for your website to be both mobile ready and Geo-Coded to your place of business as well as optimized for the community your serve. 

Responsive & Mobile - All websites we offer are responsive to all devices including Smartphones, iPhones, all Tablets, Desktop Computers and Facebook Business Pages.

Social & Interactive - You and your customers can post to Social Media accounts directly from your website. They can like you yes, but posting and inviting their friends using their accounts introduces your business to new potential customers.

Search Engine Optimized - Site Maps automatically created, updated and submitted to Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Keeping Your Website Up To Date - Your website will be built on a Content Management System meaning you can manage and update the website yourself (no technical expertize required) or we can do it for you by instance or by monthly subscription.

Next Generation Web

Interactive and Relative

Signup now, be one of the first to experience the next web generation,

  • where all you have to remember is nothing more than you name
  • where SPAM is no longer possible unless you allow it
  • where you have 100% control 100% of the time
  • where you don't opt-in to someone's list anymore, you opt-them into your list
  • where everything is virtually backwards because it is more effective and efficient for both users and businesses.

Only available here at Signup now and StayInformed.

Never SPAM.

Marketing & Advertising

We all agree, without new customers we will go out of business.

To any business nothing can be more important than acquiring new customers and maintaining existing customers. Here at HookedOnLocal we offer the most comprehensive tool set for retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones.

From eMail Marketing to Private Apps to Group Marketing and Group Apps

eMarketing - the art of engaging customers and prospects on all platforms via eMail, Web, Mobile, Social Media and yes even print. Agency style precision marketing for single businesses and small groups.

Expectations - no matter which program you choose please expect unprecedented results and unprecedented Return On Investment in most cases within 48 hours.