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The most advanced eMarketing system on the web. The only eMail Marketing service designed for retention and new client acquisition, all while generating results and maintaining security, confidentiality and respecting users the way they should be.
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The Art of using all viable means to market your products & services.

eMail, Search Engine Optimization, Web Marketing, Banner Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Print... will bring all viable advertising means to the table not just to bring visitors to your website but to bring real consumers, real customers, new customers and existing customers to your business/storefront. You tell us the exposure you seek and we'll plan and execute it for you.

Minimal upfront $ commitment required - results are guaranteed, you tell us if we met expectation, if you pay we assume we did and we'll do it again.

eMarketing A La Carte

  • eMail Marketing Services - starting from $35/mo you provide us with the message and content, we'll composed and make it look nice, test it against SPAM, send it and 4 days later at your request we'll send you the statistics, how many email send and how many people opened them.
  • Web Marketing - AdWords our setup fee is $150 plus management fee of $35-50/mo plus actual cost of AdWords.
  • Search Engine Optimization please click here for details.
  • Banner Marketing - only offers one banner marketing program. This program is distributed through a variety of HookedOnLocal owned and operated websites. Our Banner Advertising is not based on fixed monthly fees or the number of impressions. Our Banner Advertising is based on a click-through program which assures user has landed to your website.
    • Banner advertising starts @ $100 and guarantees 100 users to your website.
    • $200 for 300 users.
    • $300 for 600 users.
    • Why only HookedOnLocal web sites? Primarily for cost, secondarily for flexibility - If we are not happy with the performance or the quality of click-through we have the option to increase the click-through total and you have the option to request reimbursement of unused clicks.
  • Mobile Marketing please click here for details    

eMail Marketing

As always our goal is to get the most results for smallest investment. 14 years ago we went to visit one of our first client and review an advertising program, he interrupted  us before we could say anything and set expectations "before you pitch any advertising program to me please know I expect $8 of sales for $1 you want me to spend.

Pretty interesting we thought since back then the only tangible way to measure advertising effectiveness was with the use of coupons. Else one had no idea where business was coming from, especially when using several advertising programs withing the same marketplace. 

All we can say after 14 years he is still our customer. All we can assume he must be getting at least 8 to 1 return on investment. 

But we know better, the ROI is much higher, most months of the year the ROI is over 243 to 1, because today we can measure much more accurately.From time to time it does go down to 78 to 1. We found the reason for the big shift is, most of the time the customer buys what he wants.

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing