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NEW & Guaranteed Results or Pay Nothing

Community eMarketing

is a new eMail marketing program offered only by to broadcast your messages to a wider audience. It works much like a newspaper or magazine page where the reader can see advertisements from different merchants. This program allows several participating businesses to use the same system while building their own email marketing list separately, securely and anonymously. Businesses customer lists are not shares with anyone and should you decide to leave your group, your list will be removed and handed over to you with all your original subscribers and latest subscribers gained while in the group.

The capabilities and benefits for both you and your customers cannot be ignored. Let's assume there are 20 businesses in your community interested in promoting their goods and services.

  • You do not have any direct competitors.
  • On the average each business may contributes 1,000 customers.
  • 20 Businesses now share a combined strength of 20,000 customers.
  • Save tons on advertising cost.
  • Our Community Campaigns will work for you or you won't have to pay dime*
  • Imagine ONE notification keeps the entire customer community informed.
  • Consumers receive just ONE notification with 20 compelling messages rather than 20 separate emails.
  • The cost is easier to justify then any other method except Word of Mouth.
  • In addition the larger your list the lower your cost.

We are convinced our Community eMarketing Campaigns will work for you or you won't have to pay dime*, you'll know what your fee is, if it works for you, you pay it and we'll do it again. If you are a pizza shop, do you think you'll get at least 2 large pizzas to break even out of 20,000 customers?


Your customers will love your campaigns:

  • Your email notifications are organized for your customer with compelling information about your community
  • real and true time saver geared for today's busy culture,
  • the convenience of learning about businesses never stepped in before,
  • all with just ONE notification   

Your Community will benefit:

  • telling 20,000 people what is going on in their/your community sets expectations
  • easier for them to decide where and when to shop
  • Buy Local with the help of the web, because in most cases they can find what they want and pick up on their way home 
  • spending their money in their community is good for everyone in the community
  • it run in tune with your Buy Local / Shop Local initiative

Your business will benefit:

  • save tons in advertising money
  • run your own unscheduled campaign to your own subscribers in addition to the community campaigns
  • increases your visibility as a contributing member of your community
  • don't pay unless it works for you or your want to do it again. 

*Guaranteed Results are not available for all business categories. Your actual cost depends on the number of subscribers in your list. Because we want every business to benefit equally our charges are customized for your group and aggregated backwards. The longer your list the lower your cost. 

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Planning & Execution

Some say, I can do it myself with Constant Contact and We definitely Agree, our systems work the same, have similar features (maybe a few extra we'll discuss later). We can also include our eMail Marketing system right in your website. Having your email marketing system part of your website is a bigger plus and better guarantee to more InBox delivery versus SPAM.

By the way, most websites we build right now have an imbedded eMail Newsletter feature allowing our clients to add/edit their specials and send mass eMail messages or newsletters to their customers, vendors or employes or what ever group they choose with content pulled directly from the website.

Our expertize is planning, LOCAL, execution, testing, simplifying, simplifying, simplifying and delivering RESULTS. If you are interested in learning what we do please call us or request a meeting.